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Aina Hospitality provides unique investment opportunities in the hospitality industry.

We leverage our deep experience and expertise in hospitality, corporate finance, real estate and sustainable integration to identify a rich field of investment opportunities others may overlook. More specifically, we apply this combined expertise to recognize untapped value in hospitality assets, and then recognize that value by delivering improvement in business operations, finance, infrastructure, workplace culture and environmental footprint.

This enables Aina Hospitality to not only realize returns for our partners, but also to help hospitality businesses realize their full potential, enhancing their positive impact on the economy, environment, and society in which they exist.

Aina believes in hospitality and vows to live it in all that we do. We build and work for the long term and always deliver more than we promise. Wherever Aina Hospitality casts its eye and extends its hands, we work to make the world glow.